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6' high Aluminum Picket Fence

4 channel picket fence with 2" picket space at the bottom to prevent animals coming into the yard or pets to escape.
Decorative cycles between top two channels with/without spearhead on top
Standard color is black.
Panel Size: 6'H x 25'W. Can be cut to sizes.



Spearhead Aluminum Fence

The Spearhead Fence keeps your children and pets safe without blocking your view. The Spearhead Fence has 3 ¾” picket spacing and with 24", 36", 48" , 5’ or 6’ tall walls. The Spearhead design is also available as a railing.



Homestead Picket Aluminum Fence

The Homestead Picket Fence is the classic fence redesigned for the modern home. The Homestead Picket Fence allows light to pass through the 3.5” picket spacing while still protecting your children and pets.



Lattice Privacy Aluminum Fence

The Lattice Privacy Fence combines our Total Privacy Fence with a traditional lattice design to provide your home with privacy without sacrificing style.

Double sided. Tongue and Groove aluminium Planks joint.
Standard color is black.
Panel Size: 6'H x 8'W. Can be cut to sizes with fitting ends. 4'high panels also available.



Total Privacy Aluminum Fence

The Total Privacy Fence provides complete protection and privacy for your property. The wall fence dampens road noise so it is perfect if your property is near a busy street. The Total Privacy Fence is available in white, black, and woody with 5’ or 6’ tall walls.



Semi-Privacy Aluminum Fence

The double sided Semi-Privacy Fence features ½" spacing between each picket, allowing light to pass through while still providing security and privacy. The Semi-Privacy Fence is available in white, black, and grey with 5’ or 6’ tall walls.



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